Ezy Breezy Cleaning 24/7

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of hopping into your vehicle and getting that brand new car feel! Our self-service Ezy Clean Carwash is open all day every day for the best grooming experience since sliced bread. 

With our high-pressure, touch-free Laserwash 360 technology, there’s no risk of scratching or damage to your vehicle. Take your car through the automatic car wash or get stuck in yourself with 8 manual bays available for hands-on washing. 

With sustainability at front of mind, you won’t have to worry about the cleaning products going into local waterways and causing trouble, just leave the mess with us to sort!

Touch-free Laserwash 360

Pay for your automatic carwash by using card or cash at the vending machine to exchange your money for tokens,  or simply swipe your card at the payment site — right at the entrance to the carwash. 

The automatic carwash system allows you to choose between a Deluxe, Ultimate or Extreme wash, depending on how deep of a clean you’re wanting. The rest is up to the carwash — sit back, relax and let our touch-free Laserwash 360 do all the work for you.

DIY. Hands On. Mess Free.

If you like things done your way, our 8 manual carwash bays are the perfect alternative to the automatic carwash. Insert your tokens from the vending machine at the bay to get access to a whole host of cleaning solutions, from the foaming brush to splatter wax and a spot free rinse. Use all the options or select from your favourites. If you get stuck, just ask our service attendant for help!

1x token gets you 1 minute 30 seconds of wash time, so how many tokens you put in is dependent on how thoroughly you want your vehicle cleaned. Your wash could range from anywhere between 5 minutes to 30 and beyond. It’s entirely up to you, just follow the instructions for a picture perfect scrub.


Drive in and let the Ezy Clean touch-free technology do all the work for you, or make it a DIY job and get into every nook and cranny yourself — without causing damage.


Dirt, grime and crumbs can really start to build up in your car overtime. Get it back to as good as new with a decent vacuum and fresh car finish.

Dog washing

Does your dog need a wash too? We've got you covered. Our on-site dog wash is as handy as ever. Wash your dog right after you've finished with your car!

Try Out Our Dog Wash!

Let’s face it, we love our dogs but they can tend to get a little on the smelly side from time to time. Nothing’s worse than having to bring that into your newly washed and vacuumed car! That’s why we’ve come up with a simple solution — our on site dog wash. 

After you’ve finished scrubbing your car till it glistens, head on over to our dedicated dog wash to get your pooch looking as fresh as your car. Our step by step system makes it easier than ever to get the job done.

In and Out

Drive out as quick as you drove in. It’s as easy as a few steps.

Great Prices

We like to keep it cheap and cheerful, save money by self-servicing.

Your Local

It’s a hop and a skip down the road to getting everything as fresh as ever.

Get It Looking Squeaky Clean

Whether you’re carrying precious cargo or just can’t stand the mess that comes with spending so much time getting in and out of your car, there’s nothing better than a deep clean vacuum. Get into all those hard to reach spots, glovebox and all, and finish your session off with a revitalising fragrance of your choice that will leave your car smelling better than when you first bought it.

Vacuum, Wipe and Refresh.

When you’re finished washing your car’s exterior, head on over to the vacuum bay and insert your tokens to give the inside a good tidy up. If you really want to get in there, you can use your remaining tokens to purchase wipes and cloths from the Car Care Vending Centre and top it all off with an air freshner from the neighbouring dispenser machine.

You might be wondering, what do you do with any leftover tokens when you’re all done? Hold onto them! Just bring them back for your next carwash experience with Ezy Clean.


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142 Bill Richardson Drive, Invercargill


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